Out Jan 21st 2016 on the Apple Appstore at the amazing price of $0.99p

Coming to Android and other mobile platforms very soon!


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QixSpin is an intense vibrant action packed time based puzzle game. You will need maximum concentration and super-fast reflexes to win. Simplicity in design makes this game fun and easy to pick up for all ages. Progression through the game is fluid as you earn your stars and unlock all the stages. Gain achievements and best the online leader boards, re-playability of levels is a key feature in the gameplay as you will need to gain a Gold star on each stage to unlock all the hidden levels and gain all the ‘Gamecenter’ achievements.

Time is your enemy in QixSpin, your task is to locate the active random shape (a Red Square for instance) as quick as possible on the central spin-able object and Tag it! Tagging the right shape will activate the next shape to locate. The quicker you do this the better score you achieve; Tag continuous shapes without the tag bonus meter running out to increase you’re ending score multiplier bonus. Just one of the ways you can improve your final game score and reach the top of the leader boards

Features include

60 levels of fun packed adrenaline action

Addictive pick-up and play puzzle gameplay

Beautiful High-definition vibrant graphics using dynamic HDR lighting

60fps fluid graphics

Multiple control systems to choose from

Game centre leader boards

25 achievements to unlock

Check out the Latest screenshots from QixSpin due for release January 21st 2016 on iOS for $0.99 and Android platforms to follow!





   ECP Volume 1- Unity Asset Package


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What you get in the Pack:

50 UNITY Prefab Elements in total all with Normal maps and Shaders fully optimized and game ready.

– Animated Prefab for Exhaust fans with speed script built-in

– Smoke Particle Prefab

– Door Prefab with open / close animations included

– 4 Animated Computer Displays Units

– 15 Panels which can be used for a variety of purposes including walls / cielings and floors

– 2 unique floor panels 2 m sizes

– Curved Glass Roof Panels

– 3 types of wall Struts

– Glass Divider Panels

– 2 Stair Sizes with Collision setup

– Stair Rails

– 3 types of Pillars

– Pipes

– Skybox

– 2 types of Cover boxes

– 8 types of Misc Signage for Panels

– 3 types of Light rigs

– Corner section






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iRBot is a super little 3D side scrolling platform game with cool graphics and fun game play. Aimed at kids and the casual gamer this game takes you into the dangerous world of iRBot. Your quest as iRBot is to escape the treacherous space station before it explodes to your freedom. Make your way through a maze like abandoned space station and try to avoid the crazed droids that haunt these

Game features include:

* 3 large levels of the space station to play through

* Great fun game play

* Easy to use control system

* Great variety in graphics to keep you hooked

* Nice lighting effects

* Cool map to help you navigate the levels



Dance Dance


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Tigertail Games created this Be-spoke mini game on request from a client who wanted a game similar to ‘Just dance’ for there product Showroom